28 October 2009

What is Antevasin?

Hi there and welcome to my blog.

Some of you may know me personally and some of you may not, but most of you will most likely be asking the question, "why the title Antevasin? What is it and what does it mean to Elizabeth (or anyone else, for that matter)?"

Antevasin is a Sanskrit word that I came across a few years ago. It loosely translates as "One who lives on the border." The first time I read the definition I was shocked by how fitting this word is for my life in all its aspects. I have since gotten a small tattoo of the word on the inside of my left wrist.

Despite my parents desire to give me the typical life of a child, and later, that of an adult, I have never, and will never, have an ordinary life. Whether my life has been a result of God, fate, or my own insistence is still up for discussion. I'd like to believe it has been a combination of the three.

As this is the very first blog I won't go into further detail, but as you continue reading future posts you'll see the places my life has been and where it is going. This blog will detail my travels, the many jobs I've been priviledged to work at (or as some say I've been lucky to "fall into" - and I say I've worked my ass off to get there), and the crazy, sad, horrible and sometimes hilarious situations I've found myself in.

All this and I'm only 20-something. Okay, late 20-something, but still. Stay tuned for more...

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